Demon Shield (with process)

Zach cordisco conceptshield

The concept I used by Baldi Konijn

Zach cordisco final1

Final Render with low poly model

Zach cordisco final wire

Final Wireframe

Zach cordisco firstlowpoly

The base mesh I started from

Zach cordisco firstpasssculpt

First sculpt in Zbrush

Zach cordisco firsttexturepass2

First texture pass (I hated this)

Zach cordisco finalsculpt

Second sculpt pass (Added teeth and ridges, sharpened face details, and added details to shield.)

The final, now with 100% more 3D viewer!

A collection from start to finish of my process and the steps that went into making this demon shield! The concept I used was made by the incredible Baldi Konijn:!

Lowpoly modeling was done in 3Ds Max, Sculpting in Zbrush, Second retop was done in 3D coat, texturing was done in Substance Painter, and final rendering was done in Marmoset toolbag!

August 31, 2018